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epoMAT proudly presents the first industrial training under BZEE Academy GmbH certification ISO 29990 in Europe: Wind Turbines Rotor Blade Inspection and Repairs. This training is intended for wind turbine maintenance personnel or anyone interested in working in this specific field.

More than ever wind turbines are in the spotlight; they are a source of durable and clean energy and don’t leave the general public opinion indiferrent. This relatively new industry is evolving at a rapid pace and the production speed means that the market has not reached a high level of maturity yet. Annually there are thousands of rotor blades being produced, without using the knowledge about already installed rotor blades. With the current production techniques you could say that these blades are still prototypes using low quality level boat building technologies for a high demanding aeronautic structure. This way, manufacturers remain in the design stage, which has its effects on the quality. This translates into lower efficiencies and thus higher additional costs.

The focus within the industry of wind turbine is shifting; there’s more emphasis on the rotor blades. These blades have always been taken for granted while they’re actually determining the efficiency of the wind turbine and a catastrophic failure will more than probably mean the total destruction of the plant. An advanced knowledge of rotor blades, how they are made, knowledge of material characteristics and aerodynamics is therefore of significant importance. The skills required to translate observed damage to a repair advice are essential to restore or ensure good efficiency of the wind turbine.

The training can be divided in two parts: Inspection and Repair. It is possible to follow the Inspection training separately. The Inspection training is a prerequisite for the Repair training. The duration of the trainings is 2 days for Inspection and 6 days for Repair.


At the end of the full training a theoretical and practical exam will be conducted. When the Inspection and Repair training is completed with good results the candidate will receive a certificate.

Course duration:


  • Wind turbine Rotorblade Inspection and Repairs – epoMAT and BZEE

epoMAT is accredited by BZEE.


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Full training, including both Inspection and Repairs: €5.995,00 (8-day course, excl. btw).
Training Inspection: €2.600,00 (2-day course, excl. btw). Next course will be starting at monday, 21st of Novembre 2016. You can Register here.



  • Dutch qualification: mbo 4+


  • epoMAT Wind Training Center, Leeuwarden
  • The training Inspection may also be provided in company. For further details, please contact us.

Language course:

  • Dutch
  • English

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